TS7 Electro magnet, checklist

Geändert am Thu, 02 Oct 2014 um 11:43 AM

In order to check if the TS7 closing mechanism is working well, there are certain things to check:

1. Open the TS7 cover and see if the elctro magnet has the right voltage. When the lever is closed and the timer is counting down, you can measure the blue and brown cables. It should have 14V

2. The magnet counter plate should be flexible enough to perfectly fit the top of the magnet.

If neccessary the screw can be loosened to make the plate more flexible.

3. When pressing with high pressure, the 4 screws with springs, at the heat plate, will move slightly. If they are too tight, they can be loosened a little in order to make the heating unit more flexible.